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President Obama’s So Called Trust Fund Tax Proposal

I usually refrain from commenting about proposals making changes to the tax code that, in my opinion, have no chance of passing in the current Congress.  But I am making an exception in this case because within the majorly flawed proposal is a kernel of truth that is intriguing. As background, you should be aware [...]

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Expiring Tax Cuts and New Taxes

As of January 1, 2013, the Bush era tax cuts will expire and whether we go over the fiscal cliff or not, there are issues of concern to all investors, including retirees. The 15% tax rate on dividends will expire and recipients will pay tax on those dividends at their marginal tax rate up to [...]

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Death And Taxes In 2010

Much has been written and discussed about the absence of an estate tax in 2010.  The debate about what Congress may do rages on and is spiced up with stories about the death of George Steinbrenner and others like the Texas billionaire Dan Duncan, but the little publicized truth is that the 1 year [...]