Auto Accidents 

Have you been injured in an accident? Thousands of accidents take place every year on the streets of Phoenix, and the victims often need help making a claim. Because many people experience uncertainty after an accident, we have found the information below to be useful in many cases.



1.CALL 911. Request Police, Fire Department and Ambulance assistance as necessary.

2.Assess situation and make sure you are out of harms way and safe.

3. Exchange Information with all drivers involved in the accident

A. Name, address, phone number , and driver’s license number.

B. Insurance company and Policy number (Make sure it is current policy information and check the expiration date.)

C. License play numbers and descriptions of all vehicles.

4. Obtain contact information including names and phone numbers of all witnesses.

5. DO NOT admit fault at the scene and only discuss details of the accident with the Police.

6. PICTURES. Take a lot of all vehicles involved and the location of the accident area ( Use your cell phone to take pictures if you do not have a camera)

7. NEVER state you are not injured at the scene as symptoms may not be present immediately.

8. DO NOT give a recorded Statement to any Insurance Company involved until you seek legal advice.

In personal injury cases in Arizona, seeking assistance of an attorney immediately is beneficial because rights can be lost if not pursued quickly.

No Fee until recovery 

Do you know the extent of your injuries, including late developing symptoms?

Do you know what treatment will cost?

Do you know the full extent of the effects, including lost income, personal pain and suffering, or loss of family members?


The best thing to do is to call an attorney for a free consultation. Dyer Bregman & Ferris PLLC, can help you analyze the facts of your case and the insurance company’s handling of the accident.

It is common to experience fear or anxiety after an accident. Don’t panic; the attorneys at Dyer, Bregman & Ferris are willing and able to help you navigate the obstacles and effects stemming from injuries in many kinds accidents, including car, truck, road, and highway. We have years of experience handling situations like these and understand what you’re facing. Our accident lawyers will take the time to listen and understand your situation, and we offer free consultations, including in-home or at the hospital.

If you have been injured, you will likely have medical bills from physicians, hospitals, physical therapists, and other health care providers. Those bills will be in your name and will be sent directly to you. You are still responsible for paying your bills, regardless of the fact that someone else is at fault for your injuries. The at-fault person’s liability insurance carrier will be responsible for paying you reasonable compensation for damages incurred, which includes medical bills.